Men’s Fashion Advice: What about bling?

Bling, a subject rife with notions of excess, tackiness, and tooth decay. The vast majority of the time bling is a fashion no-no for men, women, babies, dogs, etc. However, there are the very rare exceptions.

Now here’s an example of a piece of hip hop jewelry that should stay far out of reach: diamond watch cases. As you can see from above, this outrageously bedazzled frame (called a G-Shock case) fits perfectly on a plastic Casio watch. The implied disparity is mind-boggling: why trick out your crappy, Wholesale Liquidators timepiece with something that costs the price of a used car?!

Similarly, this crucifix is about as sacrilegiously embellished as I can imagine. It might also blind someone if it catches even tiniest beam of light. Honestly, I think something is just lost on me about the style of rappers et al in general.

This, fortunately, is a unique piece I can get behind. Notice how the diamonds, precious metals don’t constitute every link of the bracelet, just the front three. The contrast with the black counterparts makes them stand out that much more. But it still manages to be a little flashy. The black also makes it easier to match this tasteful bling with any number of outfits, pimped out ones or not.

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  1. My main mission when I design diamond jewelry for men is to make that shit look good… I can design pieces that have enough diamonds to look gotti on anything else, but it doesn’t.. It looks clean and smooth. This is how we do it……. Thanks