Vintage Style Glasses are in!

For menswear.

If you look at any of the magazines, or see photos of any of the celebrities you will see that vintage style glasses are all the rage. The question always is: How do you choose what shape frame is right for you? There is a simple formula to select what frame is right for you, but you have to think about what shape your face is. You want to choose a frame that will give you the shape that your face is not. For instance, a “square face” is as long as it is wide, so you want to choose a softer frame that has the rounded lines that your face is missing. A smaller oval frame or rounded frame will be best for you.

Now, if your face is more rounded from your forehead to your chin area, then square frame eyeglasses will compliment your face best. You want to stay away from the rounded frames because your features will be swallowed up and you will have no contrast to your look.

Guys with “heart shaped” faces have a narrower chin area than forehead and would benefit best from an oval shape frame. However, if your face is more of an oblong shape, then choose larger square lenses. All in all, be careful you’ve got your face’s shape down before attempting to eyeglasses online

Vintage glasses have been on the celebrity scene for a while now. One of the first famous style glasses to become a fashion statement was Buddy Holly’s. His dark rimmed, rounded cat-eye glasses became as iconic as his music. Johnny Depp is also a guy that uses eyewear as a fashion accessory. With his square shaped face and strong jaw line, his choice of rounded frames in tortoise or basic black compliments his face.

However, again, you need to be careful of how large the frame is on your face when you buy glasses. A prime example is Lebron James wearing his large modified square glasses, because even though they are a great shape for him, you should never wear a glass frame that rises above your eyebrows.

Also, remember that this “face shape formula” is only a guideline, so it is important to try on different shapes, thicknesses, and colors, in order to find what you think looks best on you. One website I would use for purchasing eyewear is, who’ve created this nifty “virtual mirror” widget for you to try on some of their specs. If you need to wear glasses, then why not treat them like an accessory?

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