Men’s Fashion Advice – Top designer brands for Men’s Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is a classic piece of attire which has not only spanned the generations but has also stood the test of time. A polo shirt is in essence a cross between a shirt and a t-shirt. It provides a smart but casual look, and provides great protection and comfort with its collar design. In general they come with either a two button or a three button placket. Due to their versatile nature, being both suitable for smart and casual occasions, they have become incredibly popular. Today there are dozens of brands that produce polo shirts, but three of the most prominent designer brands that stand out above the rest include Penguin, Lyle and Scott and Ralph Lauren. Here we discuss the polo shirt range of these three stalwarts of mens fashion.


Lyle and Scott

The label itself began as a golfing brand, but over time developed into a fashion label, culminating in the Lyle and Scott vintage collection of 2003 featuring the seminal golden eagle logo. The polo shirt is almost synonymous with the brand itself which why polo’s are one of Lyle and Scott’s most popular items. Nowadays the brand offers a vast array of different styles and colours including classics such as plain white/navy to more interesting designs.


Ralph Lauren

Equally as important in mens fashion when it comes to polo shorts is Ralph Lauren. Their Polo range spans many different garments, products and accessories but will in many people’s eye relate almost exclusively to polo shirts. The polo horse branding is popular with men of all ages, as it symbolizes the brands heritage, quality and unique design. Like the golden eagle mentioned previously, the polo player on a horse is what gives the Ralph Lauren brand its instantly recognizable status.



Penguin Original can also be traced back to golf wear when it was launched by Munsingwear, a clothing manufacturer from Minneapolis in the mid 1950’s. Since that time the brand has grown to become recognizable across the world. Although the brand offer jackets, shirts, t-shirts amongst other items, it is polo shirts for which is it most closely associated to, perhaps partly down to the brands historical link with golfing wear. Today Penguin offer a huge range of different polo’s all of which feature the iconic Penguin Original logo.

Of course over time some brands may come and go and of course there is always room for new comers into the market. However when it comes to global appeal and standing the test of time there are few brands that can match the longevity of the three we have mentioned here.

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