Men’s Fashion Advice – Tips To Look Picture Perfect On Your Wedding Day

Is the “big day” fast approaching and you, the groom-to-be, naturally want to look and feel your best?  Besides connecting with the best wedding photographers beforehand, there are some other, personal things that you can do ahead of time to make that happen. First of all, if you have a tendency to be a “junk food junkie”, you are probably not getting all the nutrients that your body needs. Start eating a healthier diet at least a week before the matrimonies with plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables, as well as drinking more water will help you to feel your best on your wedding day.


As far as grooming goes, you may want to consider whitening your smile for all the wedding photos that will be taken that day. There are many teeth whitening systems that are available in drugstores that will whiten as well as professional teeth whitening. One of my favorites is “Supersmile”, which is a system that is used like toothpaste, making it simple to treat your teeth while you brush.


In order to have your hair looking good in all the photos, you have to gauge when to cut your hair. If you are happy with your haircut right after it is done, then make your appointment closer to your wedding day. If it looks better to you weeks after, then get it done earlier. Also, if you have facial hair, make sure it is neatly trimmed.


Lastly, get sleep! It is impossible for the photographer to touch up baggy eyes or a hangover. And, of course, don’t pass out in your tux…

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