Men’s Fashion Advice – Think Of Fashion As A Personal Investment

Sometimes you want to go on a clothing shopping spree and, while you can afford it, feel guilty about using money for clothes versus say a new guitar. Here’s a good reason for such an expenditure to keep in mind from now on: A man’s wardrobe – the total collection of shirts, suits, shoes, etc. – is his style “portfolio” and each items is an “asset”. In other words, buying clothes is a personal investment. Now, investments come in all shapes and sizes; check out the fun yet informative infographic below that estimates what two superheros, Iron Man and Batman, spend on all of their possessions, including clothing (well, armor really).


But back to reality, you can still live a choice and fashionable existence without having Hollywood dream-dollars. And what are some BASIC assets to keep in a man’s fashion portfolio? At least: 3 suits, a couple of blazers, lots of trousers, 2 pairs of dress shoes… you get the idea! So, now you can justify that splurge – even to your accountant!

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