Men’s Fashion Advice – “The Ross” Men’s Shoe: The Perfect Mix of Casual and Athletic

While I was browsing through the style section of men’s “must have’s” for Spring, I came across a shoe company that has taken the initiative to combine a quality leather oxford with an athletic twist to create a casual shoe that will have the versatility to cover more than one clothing situation. Thorocraft is a California based company that was founded in 2009 and takes pride in their modern approach to classic men’s footwear.


One of their footwear styles that made the “must have” list is the “Ross”. This oxford shoe is a fresh look for Spring and Summer with its hand woven toe box, full grain leather upper, Vachetta leather insole, with contrasting heel protector and laces. The difference in this oxford style shoe is that it combines a casual shoe with more athletic type elements for comfort. The EVA foam rubber blended sole and the extra padded leather around the heel and lower ankle make the design lightweight and more comfortable than an ordinary oxford. The “Ross” comes in a light brown, black, and light grey leather. The price tag of $220 is also very competitive for a hand-crafted, leather casual shoe that is made in limited numbers for each season.

casual wear for spring

This particular style of shoe would work well with a sports jacket at the office, with a great pattern button-down shirt and a pair of Dockers, or this terrific crew neck sweater and baggy casual pants by Giorgio Armani. The “Ross” is a shoe that will take you from dawn to dusk in comfort and in style. You can find Thorocraft shoes online and also in stores in the UK, Hong Kong, New York, Boston, and California.

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