Men’s Fashion Advice: The Emulation of Men’s Fashion Trends from Catwalk to High Street

As the imminence of autumn is upon us we are beginning to witness the bright bold hues of summer transist into those honeyed autumnal shades within shop forefronts. Key colours emerging for this season are rusty reds, flame yellows and burnt oranges, complimented by shades such as petrol blue, forest green and charcoal grey.

Casual Tailoring

In the catwalks representing autumn, we have seen histrionic sweeping coats, cosy sweaters, prodigious layered collars, luxurious shearling and a profusion of iridescent hues. These looks have been combined with the pervasive tailoring trend which indubitably appears on the catwalks each year. However, this year tailoring has transmuted into a more trendy and casual panache. Casual tailoring creates a more relaxed guise allowing for the tailoring trend to diversify and amalgamate with other trends.

When we think of tailoring, certain stereotypes come to mind; smart, straight, fitted, uniform, etc. But for this AW’11/12 season, the couturiers have upturned traditional conventions to create casual, asymmetric, loose and unique pieces of tailoring. This upsurge and rise from the habitual precepts of traditional tailoring certainly brings a contemporary edge to couture.

Modern Military

The reappearing military style can also be seen entwined within the tailoring trend this equinox. The martial tailoring style has made regular appearances on the catwalks and continues to evolve each year. Referred to as ‘modern military’, this style pervades through a number of collections and can be considered as the vanguard of present fashion. External pockets and bravura buttons are key components to complete the military look.

Fur Fantasy

As the air turns cold, we need something to compensate for that ephemeral wintry chill that pervades the airstream. What better to do this than an oversized shearling collar? Collars are not only fashionable, but can also act as a windbreak to the elements and provide warmth.

Sports Heritage

Aside from the quintessential English romance trend, we have seen the English sports heritage look bowl over the catwalks this season. This look is comprised of luxurious, sporty, casual and elegant pieces. Both modern and retro, this look successfully combines both sport and class.

Virile Iridescence

Glitter and metallics have previously been prominent in women’s fashion, but this autumn sci-fi shimmer has landed on the male runways. Clothes and accessories that shimmer and shine have become androgynous, so don’t be afraid to shine on!

Decorative Knits

When it comes to winter, everyone’s best companion is a chunky knitted cardigan or jumper. Bold shots of concise bright colours are on trend this season – mustard yellow, crimson red and sky blue, to name a few. As are patterned Nordic knits, Fairisle jumpers and Aztec prints.

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