Men’s Fashion Advice – Test How Well You Know How to Wear a Watch!

I recently came across an online quiz about taste in watches as I was looking into Crown & Caliber, a company that has modernized consignment of high end watches through the use of technology. I thought that it might be lighthearted and ego-stroking, but actually it was neither! I did learn something though…


First, I took the quiz on buying a brand new watch and had to answer questions like “If you were stranded on a desert island, which watch would you wear?” and “Which watch would you be buried in?” Thinking of myself as a person with fairly good taste, I made my selections on the look of the watch, in respect to what situation they posed. My selections determined that I was a Fatalist, which meant that I didn’t care about anything related to watches and it told me that I should “Perhaps entertain a new hobby like Bridge.” Burn!

Then, I decided to go back and take the quiz again, but this time for buying a pre-owned watch, in order to see if I was still an accessory buffoon. On selecting a watch for the two scenarios to wear on my wedding day and one to give to my son on his 18th birthday, I was sure that the questions were all rigged for an insulting end result like the last time. As in the first time that I took the quiz, I was labeled the exact same way the second time!

I was so aggravated that I decided to take the “What Kind of a Watch Guy Are You?” a third time, because I was determined to come out with a different label this time. I selected watches that really did not fit my truest answer for the questions that I was asked. I certainly would not be buried with a Rolex watch, for fear that someone would dig me up for the watch and maybe even sell it to this very consignment company! (Needless to say, the luxury watches consignment options at Crown & Caliber feature the likes of Rolex, Tag, etc.). Also, on my wedding day, I would choose a watch with a classic style, not the glammed-up selection that I made.

As a result of selecting watches that I would actually never choose, I ended up The Functional Man, who cared about the brand and purpose of the watch. Even though I did like the Breitling Dive Watch that they suggested, no need to call me a tasteless watch dummy!

Take the quiz at Crown and Caliber – What Kind Of Watch Guy Are You?! YMMV!

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