Men’s Fashion Advice: Summertime sneakers

Shoes and summer: The one’s inclusiveness and the other’s high temperatures can sometimes make for an uncomfortable combination. And not item of Joe footwear will suffice: Dress shoes can be toasty murder on your toes while the sandals option just won’t cut it for you spontaneously athletic types. A summer-oriented sneaker or boat shoe are probably your best bets for most casual yet potentially sweaty adventures. But not all of shoes are created equal. Let’s see how summer footwear can go right and, more importantly, go wrong.

I don’t know about these Vans. Well, actually, I do know: These aren’t a good shoe for June or July. Though admirably assembled from recycled materials, all that reused rubber and PET materials spells some unwanted insulation. The many laces holes also ask for some serious tightening and therefore constrictive the passage of moisture-liberating air.

Now, these Converse sneakers are just perfect for the heat and frolicking often accompanying the summer. The canvas here isn’t a thick material so no worries about creating sweat-boxes around your feet. The laces can go tight or stay loose if you’d like to allow the shoes to breath more – but really do enough of that already. Also, I gotta say the emblem on these suckers is pretty damn cool (as underfoot emblems go):

Go forth, enjoy yourself, and  prevent some serious swamp foot.

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