Men’s Fashion Advice: Summer Suits, Staying Cool

As summer first approaches the trend of men’s designer suits also changes to fit the warm summer weather. The casual suit or business suit is then designed to serve two purposes which are; keeping with the trends of 2012 and staying cool during the sunny periods.

Generally the traditional designs of men’s suit do not change or go out of fashion quickly, so the summer fashion designs are usually similar to the different categories of suit designs worn by men. The major difference between summer fashioned suits and the average suit is the colour and type of fabric used to make the suit.

Cuts of Designer Suits for Summer

The suit cuts and designs fashioned for this year’s summer are the traditional single breasted suit and double breasted suits. Explanation on the designs and their respective suitability for sunny weather are given below:

  1. The Single Breasted Suit: This suit is designed with a single row of buttons at its right side so both sides of the suit meet neatly at the front down the single row of buttons provided. The suit can be put on with all its buttons pinned down or open in warm weather with a few buttons pinned down, this reduces body heat while retaining the class and beauty of the suit.
  2. The Double Breasted Suit: The design of the double breasted suit has had little changes since its inception. It consist of two vertical rows of buttons that when buttoned creates an overlap between the right and left sides of the suit. This cut is mainly used by conservative people and when used during summer, the fabric and colour of the suit must be taken into consideration to provide the necessary comfort against the heat for the user.

The trousers of a suit are generally designed with the same fabric the jacket is made off although in some cases the colouring and material used may differ.

Tips for Picking The Right Fabric

Suits designed for summer use are done with emphasis placed on the type of fabric to be used. Light natural fabric such as cotton and linen should be preferred because of their unique ways of dealing with heat which allows for air circulation and helping the body retain a low temperature. A tropical weave of the fabric allows for the circulation of air and is the preferred choice for a suit. The colour of the fabric used should also be taken into account for a light colour reflects rays from the sun.

The styles of tailored suits for the summer differs from one fashion house to another with  each having their own unique inspiration for their designs, celebrities also help set the trends to be followed. A suit should always be accessorized to give you the cool look and every climate has its unique accessories, the accessories to be used with your summer suits are:

1. Sunglasses: The right sun shades is always the perfect accessory to go with your suit, it can help you alternate your looks from the classic business man to a secret agent depending on your choice.

2. Hats: Men’s hats are once again in fashion and this summer exploring beauty of hats with your tailored suit is encouraged. Hats also have a more practical use which is protecting your head from the sun and depending on the style chosen. It also shades your eyes from sunlight.

3. Neck Tie: A formally suited man must spot a tie with his suit therefore picking the right tie helps you bring out the maximum beauty of your outfit. Neck Ties come in different categories which are; slim, average or the traditional tie.

4. Cuff Links: These decorative fasteners for the cuffs come in different shapes, materials and designs. The popularity of cuffs have not waned making it a must have accessory for you.

You can purchase your summer suit from designer houses, tailor shops at Savoille row or online. Those who prefer their suits designed perfectly to their taste, the bespoke and made to measure suits are recommended for you an example is the Richard James shop which also provides shipping services to the destination of your choice.

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