Men’s Fashion Advice: Short-sleeve shirts are a must have for summer

With the temperatures rising all across the US, it is time to check out what will keep you cool. One essential that you should have a few versions of in your closet is the short- sleeve shirt. Tank tops are ok for hanging at the beach or at a friend’s barbeque, but a collared short-sleeve shirt will take you more places and you will be appropriately dressed.

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Let’s start with the Polo shirt. It is a style of men’s shirts that have withstood the test of time and comes in basic colors, stripes, and fashion colors too. The collar brings more attention to the face area and the three-button closure makes it easy to toss on. The Polo’s fabric, which is usually a cotton blend with the texture of the waffled pique, is designed to keep you cool and dry. I would work well with denim jeans, linen trousers, or cargo shorts. In this particular navy Polo, I thought that the contrasting details of the stripe on the collar and sleeves, as well as the contrasting color of the button placket, stepped up the style a notch.

The next short-sleeve that you need to have in your wardrobe is the button-down shirt. The grey striped one that I selected has vertical striping throughout the body, which will slim the torso and a horizontal striping at the sleeve tips that will bring more attention to your upper arms. So, if you purchase the “Brave Soul Reaper Striped Shirt”, then you better get those “guns” ready!

If stripes are not your taste, then go for a unique colored solid, micro-check, or large pattern plaid. The button-down shirt will require a little more maintenance, as far as ironing or steaming goes, but the crisp and cool look that it will give you is well worth the work.

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