Men’s Fashion Advice: Sandals on the mind

“Oh wow,” you say, “Men’s sandals again. Isn’t it almost fall?” Well, give me a chance here: Mens sandals are worthy of nuanced discussion even as the days get colder. And there are plenty of ways for a pair to go wrong and only so many ways they can go right. College students accustomed to wearing socks + sandals all year round should pay especially close attention.

Volcom Recompression Creedlers Mens Large 300x300 mens fashion

Here’s an example of one that goes awry. Granted, it’s not the worst pair I’ve seen, but not one of the better ones (see below). These Volcom’s just look… mean. Way too black and scaly on the sole for my tastes. It doesn’t help that a big ole logo is emblazoned on it as well. Unless you’re some fearless adventurer out on some hunt or siege or whatever, I’d suggest you gents go with something more fun.

HavaianasMens Havaianas81155490154390 large PRODUCT TOP 59493 300x234 mens fashion
Now these are some flip flops I can get behind. They’re simple in design, sturdy, comfortable, and yet still manage to bring in some spunk. Specifically, the latchet is colorfully contrasted without being too bright or hard on the eyes. I’d wear these in Miami, LA, or to class at some baller graduate school (assuming any of them accept me).

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