Men’s Fashion Advice – Rocking The Iconic Desert Boot

Many men are put off fashion by the fact that trends rise and fall quickly, assuming that high investments of time and money is necessary in order to keep up. However, this is not the case. There are some essentials of menswear that stay consistent, and these pieces should make up the majority of a man’s wardrobe. Seasonal trends are simply the additional extras that can be bought as frequently as desired, to compliment the style with a modern twist, or to add individuality.


Thankfully, this summer’s key footwear trend also happens to be a wardrobe staple: the desert boot. Adorning the feet of icons such as Steve McQueen and the Gallagher brothers since the 60’s, the Clarks Original desert boot in particular has proved a timeless classic. Nathan Clark, of the Clarks shoemaker family, was the original mind behind the desert boot, inspired by the cooling, low-lacing South African ‘veldskoen’ boots he saw whilst on post during the Second World War.

One of the most versatile pieces of footwear you can own, the simple style of the desert boot works with pretty much every outfit you wish to pair them with. However for those who need a nudge in the right direction, here’s a quick look at how to wear them this summer.

Although boots may sound stuffy, desert boots are designed for the sun, so you’ll find that a good pair is lightweight and breathable. When the sun starts shining, wear them with a pair of shorts; try a buttoned-up cotton shirt with chino shorts for a smart casual look, or find a vest that goes well with the boots and break up the look with denim shorts. You could also experiment with contrasting, wearing similar shades of boot and shorts against a different colour t shirt.

If the weather’s a bit cooler, then you’ll probably want to wear them with jeans at some point. A slimmer fitting pair will look best, and roll up the bottoms to fall above the boot tops. A pair of chinos also works fantastically with desert boots; don’t be afraid to roll up the cuff a bit further to show a bit of ankle for a stylish, relaxed look. If you have the confidence, then try wearing a beige pair of boots with white trousers and a dark top.


In terms of colour, a classic beige or brown will always be a good investment thanks to their classic look and versatility. You’ll also find a lot of opportunities to wear a pair in black, particularly as a statement against bright shorts, or to compliment a pair of dark denim jeans.  If you want to stay on style this summer, consider going for a pair in blue; a colour which is most definitely part of the palette of the season this year.

Desert boots have lasted through the years because of their simplicity, so keep it so. Look for simple colour combinations and avoid ‘fad’ patterns, and you’ll find that these shoes work your way into outfits for many seasons to come.

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