Men’s Fashion Advice – Pulling Off a Street Look

The street look is one that never goes out of fashion –and always comes off at looking effortlessly cool (which usually takes a lot of effort!). There are certain necessities that come standard with the street look in order to make it work, and not only do they look great, but many are practical for staying comfortable all year round.


Not just great as a practical solution to keeping your ears warm, beanies are also a classic element of the street look. They come in all shapes, colours, sizes and materials so you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes. They’re even making appearances on the runway and atop the heads of the worlds’ most rich and famous. Check out Z-Flex Skateboards – they have a great range of warm, affordable headwear that looks edgy whilst still keeping the heat in! Additionally, snapbacks are quite favoured with the street-elite, and are great for blocking the sun out and keeping your skin burn free! You can get snapbacks with a wide variety of cool branding and logos, or just go for a plain colour that won’t class with the rest of your street-ready outfit!

led zeppelin tshirt

Band T-Shirt

Nothing says street like the t-shirt of a classic rock band like The Rolling Stones, or The Beatles. Another popular option is wearing a shirt plastered with a band that nobody’s ever heard of. You can pick these shirts up at any market, street store or op-shop (usually there are some great steals available!) and they instantly add credibility and personality to your outfit.

Denim Jacket

Never goes out of style, keeps you warm, can be worn all year round with a wide variety of options – what more could you want! The best part is you may even find the perfect denim jacket at an op-shop for a ridiculously cheap price. This would also add to your street-cred – the more alternative the shop it came from, the better. Denim jackets come in all colours now – there’s nothing wrong with the classic blue, but you can also get red, white, and virtually any hue! They are also ridiculously comfy and generally come with many handy pockets.


No street look is complete without a pair of classic sneakers. There are heaps of styles and brands to choose from – converse is always a classic street look, high-tops, skate shoes…just make sure they’re well maintained and not covered in holes! Not only do they look effortlessly cool, but they are comfortable to wear. Probably not one to break out for the classier do’s though! Doc Martins or other prolific boots are also an acceptable choice.

Now you’re set to pound the pavement in style, without stretching your bank balance! The street look is one that can be worn all year round, and there are plenty of great accessories you can add if the weather turns a little bit chilly. Think scarfs, cardi’s, and more.

What are some of your favourite things to wear as part of the street look?

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