Men’s Fashion Advice – New to Skiing? Choose Fashionable Gear


If you are thinking of taking up skiing, the clothing and equipment alone can add up to thousands depending on what you choose. However, there are ways that you can get all the fashionable clothing, like a quality ski jacket, and equipment that you need, without emptying your wallet.


First off, when you are looking for a pair of ski pants, you want something that will be waterproof and warm because you may be spending some time on the ground while you are learning the moves. I also wouldn’t go spending a whole lot of money on this item because you will be rougher on this particular piece of ski wear. Columbia makes the Columbia Sportswear Bugaboo Omni-tech Snow Pants that are insulated for the cold, reinforced at all the critical seams, and has zippered pockets and ribbed ankle inserts in order to keep the snow out of your ski boots. You can get the basic black version for under $50, which is a bargain in the world of ski gear.


The second important item is your goggles. You will need a good pair that will be able to keep the snow out of your eyes as others go flying past and that will hold up if you happen to take a tumble while you are getting your “ski legs”. One great pair is the Native Eyewear Riva Polarized Snowsport Goggles. For around $50 also, this goggle has a clean front, a padded interior, a large polarized lens, and a fashionable black and white elastic band that has a bright green logo.


The item that I would spend a little bit more on is the ski jacket. There are some great waterproof jackets out there that not only have advanced features to keep you warm on the slopes, but also have fashionable patterns and colors that let you stand out in the crowd. One such jacket is the Oakley Corked Ski Jacket it is done in a blue and grey abstract pattern, and priced under $200. It will be a great option on and off the slopes.

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