Men’s Fashion Advice: More Suit Trends For The Summer

Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. In the men’s fashion world, this means that we are getting ready to sport our board shorts and our brightly-colored polos, our sleek sunglasses and our white summer sneakers. The season is a time to look bright and casual – and we’re not going to shy away from embracing it.

But despite all the warm and relaxing images that summer evokes, most of us are not capable of truly dressing casually through this period. We still need to go to work, after all. We still have meetings, parties, functions, and interviews to attend. For all these occasions there’s a standard dress that we wear year-round, even if it doesn’t happen to evoke summer: the suit.

On this note, what are the biggest suit trends that we can expect this summer? Let’s take a look:

-Clashing and bold colors. The bright colors that we generally associate with summer probably won’t be displayed in the season’s suits. Still, the boldness of color that often accompanies warm weather will likely be displayed in this year’s trends, as maroons and dark greens take their place alongside the standard blacks, whites, and navies. Furthermore, we can expect a spillover from the burst of clashing colors in women’s fashion.

Not only will suit jackets and shirts be increasingly unconventional in color, but they will also be couple with pants that do not necessarily match.

-Looser suit pants. Over the past decade we have increasingly seen tighter and tighter suit pants as a revolt against the looseness of the ‘90s. This summer, however, it appears as though the ‘90s may be back, at least as far as this measurement is concerned: runway shows from the past winter revealed an explosion of more breathable suit pants on the market.

-Slim, but not skinny, suit cuts. We can expect suits this summer to carve out a middle ground as far as width is concerned: broad and boxy at the top yet slim and snug at the waist, this compromise look takes its cues from popular nostalgia as well as from current trends. It’s a great way for men to balance their desires for both classiness and masculinity. These are a few of the major trends we can expect in men’s suits this summer. The eternal quality of suits means that it’s not necessary to run out and buy the latest trends, especially if you’re planning to make a down payment on a new home or buy one of the hottest trending diamond engagement rings for that lucky lady sometime in the next couple months. But if you’re looking for a new suit anyway, you might want to keep these trends in mind as the days continue to warm and as summer comes closer and closer.

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