Men’s Fashion Advice – Military Watches As Technical Innovations With Style

It seems strange to think of a timepiece designed with the specific purpose of aiding serving military forces with the cutting edge of technical features and resilience in combat as a fashionable watch, but you can’t ask for a better made watch by any means.


It’s an unfortunate necessity of war to design new weapons and technologies for destruction and defence but from that new innovations are realised that eventually find practical applications in everyday life much like the ranges of Military Watches currently available.  The majority of Military Watch brands originally start out by designing and forging their timepieces to US Military Specifications specifically for units like the Navy SEALS with features not found on your everyday watch and they are only available to the armed forces, but today many have been put into general sale for everyone who wants a robust precision watch.

Originally Military Watches were fairly uniform with a simple dial and precision timekeeping with black and white dials, some variations had slightly smaller cases and dials at around 31mm, the most technical military watches were used by the German forces and had the addition of chronometers and had magnetic shielding.  In later decades, particularly during The Cold War, technologies rapidly increased resulting in better precision timekeeping, added featured like compasses and timers, shatter resistant glasses, water resistance and function even in sub-zero temperatures.  Today Military Watches feature invaluable additions and are made from the most durable materials feasible and some watch brands even make models specifically for aviators, the Navy and more.


The main three brands for Military Watches today are Traser H3, MTM and Luminox who all reportedly started life by being asked to design the next generation of US Military standard watches with Traser H3 pioneering the tritium gas technology which is a safely irradiated gas inside borosilicate tubes that will still luminous between 10 and 25 years depending on the watch that nearly all military watches currently use.

All three brands use similar materials depending on how robust you need your watch, the standard is steel, but some have full titanium cases and straps making them resilient to impacts and incredibly lightweight, all use a toughened mineral glass.  The collection of Luminox Watches is more geared towards NAVY Seal and nautical use so offer water resistance up to 300 metres in a lot of models.  Probably the most exceptional of the brands are MTM with a range of watches that includes standard tactical watches, aviator watches and even models that have radiological detectors.  A number of MTM Watches use the tritium system in combination with multiple LED’s so at a moment’s notice you can use a bright light as a torch, or even signal up to a mile away, but one thing is for certain is that they all combine incredible elements with the pinnacle of durability and exceptional style too making them ideal Military Fashion Watches.

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