Men’s Fashion Advice – Men’s leather sandals

Flip Flops tend to be a warm weather standard, but in some situations you may want a summer shoe that offers a little more style. A leather sandal can be a great option. The look is still casual and summer-like, but the leather construction is a step up in style.

For those guys who like an uncomplicated slip on sandal, which will give you ease of wear as well as greater foot coverage, there is the “Antonio Brown Italian Leather Men’s Sandal”. The thick bands of leather cross over the top of your foot and keep it securely in the sandal and the all leather sole makes it comfortable and durable.

If you like the look of a more open sandal, then the “Dolce & Gabbana Patent Leather Sandal” may be just right for your summer wardrobe. The patent leather is embossed with a snake skin pattern and the toe-loop adds a more secure and comfortable fit. The brass-colored, hammered “DG” is also a nice addition to the overall look.

Another version of a fashionable leather sandal is the “Arturo Italian Men’s Sandal”. The black leather is crafted into a trendy “gladiator” style and comes up higher on the foot to feel more like a shoe. The two adjustable straps around the ankle will allow you a more customized fit.

The last type of sandal is more of an athletic look in leather. The “Hand Made Leather Men’s Sandal by Hand” is a fisherman’s style sandal with leather straps that cross horizontally across the foot, as well as curve up over the top and around the heel. It is the closest to a shoe, while still having the open, airy feeling that you will appreciate in the warm summer months.

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