Men’s Fashion Advice: Looking good and staying cool in summer shirts

How can you look good and stay cool this summer? It’s harder than one might think; after all, a tank top might keep you cool, but you’d be pretty far away from what most would consider stylish. Likewise, a heavy button-down, long sleeve shirt might look great on a hot summer night, but if you’re sweating underneath, what’s the point? You don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style, but do you really want to look bad but feel good? Here are some tips for looking great this summer, but still staying comfortable and cool.

Men’s short sleeve, button down shirts seem to have a bad reputation. After all, they’re so practical for summer, but the traditional cut is boxy and unforgiving; it would make even the most toned of men look unflattering, at best. But the new men’s shirts that are coming out are not only well-tailored and fitted, they look great on most body types. If you want to buy a few of this new style of short sleeved button down shirts, look for one that is fitted; you don’t want billowing fabric around your torso. If you’re extra skinny, consider having the shirts you buy tailored to ensure a good fit. You can tuck your shirt in for more formal occasions, but it should also look great untucked; there shouldn’t be excess fabric hanging down too far down your legs. Banded cuffs on the sleeves are a new style, and though they aren’t everyone’s preference, they do a great job creating a tailored, clean look. Look for sleeves that are close to your arm size; you don’t want to choose something too tight (thus cutting off the circulation in your arms), but you want something that will accent your arms, rather than making your arms look like they are lost in swaths of fabric. This is especially important if your arms are muscular and you want to show them off.

Fabric is everything when it comes to summer shirts. The traditional heavy fabrics that are great during winter can be murder during the hot summer season. You want something breathable – this means 100% cotton, rather than synthetics, or synthetic/cotton blends, which don’t breathe, and thus will make you sweat uncomfortably. The weave is also important. You want a shirt that feels light when you pick it up, rather than one that weighs you down. It’s remarkable how much more comfortable a light fabric long sleeved shirt is than a heavy fabric short sleeved one. While heavy knits are generally a bad idea, linen is a great choice for the summer; you want something breezy that the air will move through, which will keep you cool from morning to night.

If you’ve never worn a black shirt on a hot, steamy day, then consider yourself lucky. It’s amazing how much cooler lighter colors are, especially when you’re outside all day. Dark colors soak in the sun, making you even hotter and more uncomfortable than you already probably are. If you want to stay cool this summer, but still look great, you should definitely look at pastels and whites. Light blue, light green, even light pink are much better than bold, dark colors that will just make you sweat. Also consider patterns and plaids – these will make you look great and stylish, while also ensuring you’re comfortable on a hot day.

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