Men’s Fashion Advice: Linen Blazers

Paul McGregor – Owner of Brighterman, specialising in mens accessories

With the spring/summer season in full swing, it’s only right we reviewed an item of clothing that has been extremely popular this season: the linen blazer. The sartorial side of men is finally appearing, with smart yet casual trends appearing anywhere you look. A linen blazer is growing in popularity among many designers’ collections along with high street retailers such as All Saints. Brands such as Gant also see the importance of the linen blazer also. But why all the interest?

Well, for one, a blazer always adds that elegant touch to your looks as the simple addition completely transforms a look from casual to formal with the addition of a linen blazer. The lightweight material makes the blazer perfect for the warmer days and can be layered over either a t-shirt or casual shirt. Dependent on how formal or how casual you want to go, work around the linen blazer. You can use accessories to add colour to the look or either make the look more formal or more casual. For example, adding colour and elegance using a red skinny tie or bow tie, pairing it with a slim fit shirt, tailored chino shorts and brogues. A pocket square also adds elegance and adds a chic feel to your look. If you want to loosen up the look, pair a linen blazer with a graphic t-shirt, chino shorts and tasseled loafers, accessorise with a mens brown leather belt.

A linen blazer really is timeless and can be worn all year round, suitable for all types of events whether it’s a first date or a job interview. Achieving a smart yet casual look is really on trend this season, and defiantly something you should be taking inspiration from.

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