Men’s Fashion Advice – Lightweight Sportscoats For Springtime

There are a few essential clothing items that should be in every man’s closet this Spring. One of them is a lightweight sports jacket that can transition your wardrobe from cooler to warmer weather. It is a versatile piece that can take any casual outfit to a new level.


For example, H.E. by Mango has a slate blue Spring/Summer sports coat for the 2014 season that is constructed in a lightweight cotton/linen fabric, which is perfect for the warmer weather. The crumpled trim along the outer edges of the jacket and lapels add some texture and a little more interest than just plain fabric. It looks fantastic with these khaki trousers, light blue button-down shirt, and lace-up casual shoes. If you visit the website, in the outlet section they have a Tailored Cotton Blazer in two shades of blue for $39.99 each!


Another great looking Spring/Summer blazer is by Victorinox. This navy two-button sports coat with the front flap pockets and narrow lapels is a perfect addition to the white jeans and blue plaid button-down. It is a timeless, kind of preppy look.

jcrew sportscoats

At JCrew, there is the Ludlow Sportscoat, which is woven from the finest cotton in Milan, Italy. It has a more casual look, but is still nicely tailored with its medium width, notched lapels, large front patch pockets, and slit chest pocket for a pocket square. It comes in a rich Linen and Caspian Blue colors for a little bigger price tag of $228.00.

blazer with shorts

As the season progresses and the temperatures rise, your lightweight sports jacket can be paired with shorts, just like this white blazer is paired with a light blue button-down, salmon pink cuffed shorts, and brown leather loafers. Just remember to keep the jackets as casual looking as the shorts, skipping the tie, to keep the look more uniform and keep the sports coat from looking out of place.

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