Men’s Fashion Advice – Is Monochromatic Dressing Drab or Fab?

This weekend we had a few guests at our house and I noticed how one of the guys looked very stylish dressed in all one tone. His dark features were highlighted by a black cotton pullover that had an open snap neckline, dark wash jeans with a nice black leather belt, and a great pair of black leather loafer with silver buckle hardware. Even his watch matched his tonal style with its stainless and black details. I’m still not sure what the brand of the watch is, but I’ve seen some similar things on: Buy or Sell Hublot Big Bang Watches. Anyway, the point is there wasn’t one clothing item that stood out more than the other, but it just all blended together for an eye-catching look.

clooney monocromatic clothing

There have been people who have followed this fashion many years before now like the Country Singer Johnny Cash, who used to only wear black and Ricardo Montalban, who stood on the beach in his white tuxedo to welcome you to “Fantasy Island”. However, monochromatic dressing can be a little tricky. You need to be able to select clothing items that don’t make you look like either an undertaker, or the “Good Humor” Ice Cream Man.

One example is this photo of George Clooney. His salt and pepper hair is accentuated by a nicely tailored black sports jacket, black button-down dress shirt, with matching trousers and belt. It is a sophisticated look, without being stuffy or morbid.


The second photo is from the Rochambeau Spring Collection. This guy’s baggy pull-on pants and deep colored shirt are the bases for his black anorak jacket and high-top shoes. However, in this look they pop a little color by accessorizing with a green collar necklace.

xcalvin-klein-spring-summer-2013_white monocromatic

The third monochromatic look is from the Calvin Klein Spring/Summer Collection. His dark ivory suit and matching Velcro shoes are paired with a pure white shirt and tie. In this case, I think that his milky tone clothing is a little boring and would have been better if it were a few shades darker. The richer beige tones would be less reflective of the light, but still be perfect for Spring/Summer menswear.

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