Men’s Fashion Advice – How To Dry Clean Your Collared Shirts On Your Own

Today, everyone is looking to save a few bucks when it comes to clothing care. Taking all your clothing to the dry cleaners can be an expensive venture. However, there are some ways that you can cut back on that bill and care for some of your expensive dress shirts and pants at home.

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The first thing that you have to look at when you are going to clean your clothing item is the wording on the tag. Most people see the words “Dry Clean” and figure that you cannot wash this item at all. Actually, the only clothing items that you cannot wash will say, “Dry Clean Only”. You can put all clothing with either washing instructions or “Dry Clean” on the tags in a gentile wash cycle with cold water, which will clean effectively, but also keep the integrity of the material intact. However, unless you want to end up donating your best shirts and pants, skip the dryer and hang the items up to dry. Think of treating your shirts as if they are delicate women’s footwear, like Dearfoams womens booties – you would never use anything but air to dry those if they got soaked, would you?

If you prefer the dry cleaning process for items like silk shirts, cashmere sweaters, and wool pants, there are at home dry cleaning kits that will work right in your dryer. The starter kits will run about $8 and the refill cloths will be about $9, which will get you through many cleanings, as opposed to not even one shirt at the Dry Cleaners for the same price.

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The more difficult, or less appealing, part about caring for your dress shirts and pants at home is the ironing or pressing. Some guys would rather pay the expensive dry cleaning bill, then having to iron themselves, but if you have the right tools it is much easier. Having a great iron is the first step in putting the finishing touches on your clothing items. A professional style iron like a Rowenta or Eurosteam will give you the power and steaming capability to press out all the wrinkles. If ironing is not your skill, they have many hand held steamers that will be able to get you ready to go.

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  1. Nice article this. My iron at home is terrible, so I happily pay others to do my dirty work!