Men’s Fashion Advice – How to Accurately Measure the Size of Your Shoes

All fashion freaks would have shopped for shoes online at some point of time. If you too love to smarten up your wardrobe every now and then, online shopping is something that you must consider. Whether you wish to purchase accessories or clothes, purchasing over the World Wide Web is an absolute delight. People also buy home décor over the internet. Another category of people who spend a lot of time on the Internet shopping are the shoe lovers.


The kind of range that retail stores operating over the Internet offer is overwhelming. You will easily find almost all footwear brands online. Be it a pair of sneakers from Converse or a new flip-flop design recently introduced by a particular brand, the Web lists it all.

While most aspects of online shopping are a cakewalk, there is one thing that can make it seem difficult at least initially. What if you are purchasing shoes from a retailer on the web and you have no clue what you shoe size is? Won’t this irritate you? Definitely it will.

It is important to know your exact shoe size so that you do end up purchasing a pair too big or small. A shoe that is even a bit bigger or smaller than your actual shoe size will feel uncomfortable. You won’t be able to walk properly in inappropriately sized footwear.

Measuring Your Foot Size Correctly

Even if you are unaware of your shoe size, there is something that can be done about it. You can easily measure your foot size at home and compare it to the size charts available online to find your actual shoe size for various brands. The following are some instructions that you should follow for measuring your foot size:

  1. Collect Material: You will be requiring a blank piece of brown paper, pencil, ruler, sticky tape and some water. In case you do not have a ruler at home, you can also use a measuring tape. The brown paper that you will be using must be bigger than your feet.
  2. Imprinting: Now, you will need to take imprints of your feet. For this, stand on the brown paper with wet feet. In case you want a more accurate measurement for your shoe size, you should stand on the brown paper wearing wet socks. Press your feet firmly on the brown paper so as to get perfect impression. While taking the print on the brown paper, the shin should be a little ahead of the ankle. Another thing that you must remember while taking the impression is that you shouldn’t curl your toes at all.
  3. Outlining: Once the imprints have formed on the paper, immediately draw an outline for them. Do this before the impression dries out. If you can’t trace well, take someone’s help. However, make sure that the outlining does not alter the actual imprint of your foot.
  4. Measure: Having outlined the imprints of your feet, you should now pick the paper up and keep it on the table. Begin by measuring the length of the foot. Thereafter, measure the breadth. Do this for both the feet because the two feet might measure slightly different from each other.
  5. Check Online: Once you have the measurement of your feet, you can easily obtain your shoe size online. Mostly all shoe retailers, such as Zelen shoes, who operate from the Internet, make available a size chart that can used to determine the shoe size that you should purchase. The best thing about online shoe size charts is that they are quite detailed.

Every size chart, for example, converse sizing chart, comes with footnotes that you must read before you make a purchase.

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