Men’s Fashion Advice: Hats for the summer

Alright, so you have your jeans, your shirt, and maybe your socks and shoes. Everything you need, right? Maybe if you only strive to be the background passerby in the next photo shoot coming to a street corner near you. Now, if you want to turn your white canvas self into a statement, you’re going to need to add some finishing touches to put the “you” in “unique.” Two undeniable trend setters? The hat, and the watch.

From a practicality standpoint, both items serve you a great deal – shading your eyes, containing a wild hair day, and keeping time (or letting time get away, whichever you can manage). But each piece adds a bit of mystery and indicates there’s more to the man than what’s seen at first glance. Besides hiding your eyes from sun, hats like fedoras add mystery with a downward tilt or a relaxed tone when in an upward direction like Frank Sinatra. When your face is the focal point of your personality, make sure it receives the attention it deserves by accentuating it with a hat. No need to be bright, but a speck of color, such as a pin or feather, can do wonders in turning glances from casual to desirable.

On one hand, watches tell time. On the other hand, they speak of their wearer’s punctuality with a tight schedule. Where does this man need to be? What events are so important? Again, mystery and inquisitiveness will surely earn you your share of the conversation. Three hat styles for three different men, and the watch to match. The details are too many for one article alone, but modern watch faces, leather bands, organic accents and the like all contribute and align with the proper hat and according lifestyle. From relaxed to casual to formal, there’s a set for every occasion – never boring, always captivating in the most emphatic manner.

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Newsboy hats driver caps, perfect for navigating the urban bustle

1. Relaxed – Cov-ver Plaid Drivers Cap & Fossil CH2565 Cuff

2. Casual – Stetson Silk Hatteras & Jacques Lemans Liverpool GMT

3. Formal – Bailey of Hollywood Leather Ivy Cap & Red Line Range Watch

Fedora hats for under the city lights

1. Relaxed – Bailey of Hollywood Brooks Panama & Tommy Bahama ‘Islander’ watch

2. Casual – Stetson Linen Boston Fedora & Skagen Casual Strap 433LSLB

3. Formal – Stetson Cashmere Pisa Fedora & Gucci Men’s G Timeless

Western hats for reposing in saloons…

1. Relaxed – Bullhide Twister Raffia & Chronicle by Nixon

2. Casual – Bailey Corral Outback hat & Michael Kors MK8115

3. Formal – Bailey 100x Sunset Straw & TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watch

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