Men’s Fashion Advice – Hats And How To Wear Them

In past years, hats for men have provided more of a “purpose” than been used as a clothing accessory. They have had a job to do like keeping the sun out of your eyes, trying to disguise your identity, or combating bed head. In recent years, hats have become more of a fashion accessory than a necessity.

stylish baseball cap wearer

In choosing a men’s hat, you must first decide which style fits your look. Not all hat styles are for all men. For example, the baseball hat is one of the most widely used hats by men. It can be a symbol of support for a team or cause, or just a cool design that completes your style. In this particular photo, his baseball cap coordinates with his clothing in color, but the graphic design is also an added interest. It is nicely fitted in the cap and has the rounded brim for an “All American” type look. The more modern twist on this would be the hip/hop style which tends to be fuller through the crown and has a flat brim, which is less of a classic look.


For a dressier look in a hat, you may choose a hat style that has been around for decades: the “Bowler”. Its rounded crown and short, up-turned brim are an English classic when it completing a suited look. The rounded lines of the Bowler compliment the more squared off design of the tailored three-piece suit in this photo and make it the perfect added accessory to the tie, topcoat, and leather gloves. But, don’t overlook the Bowler’s ability to perk up a more casual look, like with a pair of jeans, button-down shirt and a crew neck sweater.

No matter which style of hat you may be thinking about choosing, take the time to try it on before you decide. Depending on your face shape, hair, and clothing style you may decide that you prefer one type of hat over another. Or, you may be one of the lucky guys who may look good in more than one style.

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