Men’s Fashion Advice – Accessories For Men That Make Good Gifts

Men can be stubborn when it comes to fashion. Most do not like purchasing the finer things for themselves so it is up to their better half to refine their style and bring them up to date on the latest fashion trends. So what do the designers recommend for giving your man that special style he needs to stay ahead of the rest? This short guide looks at some interesting choices for gift giving.



I bet you thought this was something your Grandpa only had for special occasions. Designer cufflinks like those at Cuffwear are quickly becoming the trendiest fashion accessory for the guys. They come in an endless variety of styles to suit the most discerning of tastes. Your man can show off his favorite sport by wearing a soccer field or hockey rink shaped cufflinks on their sleeve. They make excellent gifts and are something that is a little different from the usual tie or socks.

Stylish Pen

You have your man all dressed up, ready to start his new corporate job and what does he have in his shirt pocket, a cheap plastic pen. Dress him up a little better by giving him a nice designer pen. Something like a nice ballpoint hand made from wood or a bold looking aluminum slimline pen makes an excellent choice for the boardroom.


Nothing finishes the look like a nice pair of sunglasses. Most men view them as utilitarian, but they are really a fashion accessory. There are lots of styles, shapes, and colors available to match your man’s look and outfit they are wearing. Having a couple pair on hand is the least a well-dressed man should have.

Designer Underwear

2xist designer mens underwear

Women love wearing designer undergarments in fashionable colors, why can’t men have the same look. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying to buy a pair of lacy underwear for your guy, there are lots of nice boxers available that are rather colorful, fun, and quite stylish. Look around in stores and online, the market has really grown in this department.

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