Men’s Fashion Advice: Footed Pajamas??

As children, it wasn’t odd to find ourselves or a sibling in a pair of footed pajamas. We all loved them in the winter time because they were warm and fuzzy. However, as the years progressed, we gave up our footed pajamas for flannel pants and tees and then tees and gym shorts and, eventually, just started wearing our boxers to bed.

Men’s pajamas have gotten boring, and during warm winter nights often involves us just going to bed in pajama pants and possibly a hoodie. Unless you are willing to spring for an expensive silk pajama set with your name embroidered on it or are willing to go the other route for a cheap, cotton set with some tacky print on it, there aren’t many male pajama options.

That’s where footed pajamas come in.

That’s right. The pajamas that you loved as a kid now come in adult sizes, and you don’t have to opt for a tacky print to enjoy these old school pajamas either. Many companies make adult footed pajamas in solid colors and in a soft, fleece material to keep you warm throughout the winter. These types of pajamas may seem a little ridiculous for a man to own, but then again, they aren’t any worse than the Snuggie, and plenty of men seem to own them. You can even get them in your favorite sports team if you so choose.

All in all, the footed pajama is a good solution to keeping yourself warm and comfortable during the winter months. While probably not something that would be appropriate to wear around the house all the time, the footed pajama can be a great lounger for a lazy Saturday. They are relatively inexpensive too.

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