Men’s Fashion Advice – Finding the best sample sales

I am an avid lover of all things high quality, handmade and designer, but like most of us I struggle to find the reasoning behind spending $1000 on a Savile row jacket, let alone buying two jackets, three waist coats and two silkhandkerchiefs in one go. Sheesh!

Luckily, I was able to buy all of these items for $170, and thus saved around $3,000! How you ask? I meticulously scour the internet for sample or end of season sales. The sale in this instance was an end of season Gievies and Hawkes (No.1Savile row) sale that lasted three days. The stock was from the 2009 season, but it is important to remember that most pieces from the row are timeless. I have amazing 20 year old vintage items that with some alterations look brilliant.

I could have spent hundreds of dollars more, but ended up buying just two jackets of exceptional quality: one structured, the other not. The un-structured jacket is made from beautiful medium weight wool, has working cuffs, and is half lined. Its adaptability allows it to works with both jeans and chinos.The original price for the piece was $900, but I paid only$40! As a side note, I was checking out the stock in H&M and found they have a similar jacket for the same price, but naturally the H&M jacket does not compare in quality.

The second Jacket I purchased is a dark blue structured jacket (fully lined, working cuffs, single vent) with a Scottishinspired, red checkered pattern throughout. This jacket is my favorite purchase thus far, as it is a unique play on the classic blue blazer look, and works great for the weekend as well as the work place. Instead of paying $800, I paid only $100.Lastly I bought two silk handkerchiefs, which complementall my jackets equally, and three waist coats for $8 each(reduced from $200 each).

I must stress that most Savile row sales do not have suchdramatic price cuts, but similar reductions are not uncommon. If you are vigilant and know how to search for them, you can dress in high quality at an affordable price. Best of all- no one has to know. So start googling “sample sample”

By Jean-Francois

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