Men’s Fashion Advice – Fashionable Eye Protection for Every Day

In the past, mens sunglasses were thought of as something a guy would reach out for in the summertime, as you headed to the beach.  Today, they are protective eyewear that are worn 365 days a year.  In their new role, sunglasses have expanded to a fashion statement, as well as a functional accessory.   There are endless designer styles and each is geared toward a certain look or purpose.

mens-sunglasses-men city

For example, these gold tone Aviator sunglasses are the perfect “City Chic” style.  The brown lenses will provide better vision in lower light than their black counterpart, which will be perfect for exploring your favorite city.  This Aviator style also completes the chic look of the tan leather jacket and the paisley swirl chocolate scarf. Whether it is LA, NYC, Boston, or Milan, this guy would fit right in.

oakley sunglasses mirrored

Another reason to reach for a great pair of sunglasses, is for eye protection at the on the job.  While driving, walking, or standing, you will need sunglasses to keep the glare out of your eyes.  For this purpose you will need lenses that will give you crisp, clear vision.  One type of lens that will give you this effect is “polarized”.  In 1936, Edwin A. Land patented his Polaroid filter.  Polarized glasses will make things visible that are obscured by the sun.  Mirrored sunglasses will also provide the same polarizing effect of eliminating the glare.  For working outdoors, check out this pair of Oakley blue/green mirrored sunglasses that have a nice wide eye coverage area, wrap around style, and a cool black frame. Also, Ermenegildo Zegna has a great pair of mirrored shades too although with a more seafaring feel.

Carrera GRAND PRIX 2 T4M_9O

Lastly, you will need a pair of sunglasses for your outdoor activities like biking, waterskiing, windsurfing, kayaking, or just beaching it.  For these activities, you will want eye protection that has a nice wide eye area and a sturdy, durable frame.  These Carrera sunglasses fill those requirements nicely and also have darker lenses that will be better for the bright, direct sunlight.

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