Men’s Fashion Advice: Fake tans can work

Healthy looking skin isn’t just a reality reserved for women. Male skin deserves the same love and attention as our feminine friends, but it doesn’t get nearly enough press. Gone are the days of hiding your facial moisturiser and down with feeling as though you can’t spend time in front of the mirror. This is hardly a revolution of our times, but there should be no more embarrassment when it comes to male fake tanning. There are some excellent ones – unisex even – on the market that are itching to reinvent your weekly or monthly routine.

Fake tan is a great way of immediately looking 100% healthier, fitter and generally in better shape. There are plenty of fake tan companies out there but a good place to start your fast track to great looking, healthy skin is with Famous Dave’s fake tan. It is odourless, easy to apply, streak-free and long lasting solution. You don’t need to use very much and sometimes just a little used on your face and neck (not too much or you’ll look straight-up alien) is enough to achieve a healthy glow. Of course, nothing beats a natural healthy glow, but when it comes down to it, life gets in the way. Whether it’s geography or time, tanning naturally just isn’t an option sometimes.

Fake tanning is also the safest way to a healthy glow. Sun beds are notoriously bad for you with a lot of skin damage stories coming to the fore over recent years. Whether it’s a temporary or year-long fake tan you want, fake tanning is still the way forward. Skin experts will always advise this, with the associated risks of achieving that healthy glow far too strong when done on a sun bed. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere which does have a reasonable amount of sun, or if you go on holiday to somewhere that does, always remember to never expose your skin to dangerous amounts of UV radiation. For this reason again, fake tan is the easiest and safest way to get beautiful olive looking skin.

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