Men’s Fashion Advice – Every Man Needs a Great Suit

Even though you may not be the kind of man who dresses up in a suit and tie every day, a great suit is an essential that should be in every man’s closet. So, what constitutes a “great suit” from one that is just o.k.? Like Wikipedia suggests, it is in the fit.

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When taking a look at men’s suits that are new for this season, there is definitely a wider selection of color this year. One example is the Paul Smith London two piece mohair suit that comes in “blue”. It is a departure from the usual suit colors in that the material is a lighter and more intense blue, than one in navy colored fabric. The jacket has a medium width lapel, a cinched-in waist with the two-button closure, flap front pockets, and the designer detail of a five-button sleeve. The mohair fabric in the jacket and matching trousers make it a luxury purchase for 544.99 Euros. If you are not thrilled with the trend of brighter colors, then it also comes in grey and navy too.

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If you are in the market for a nicely tailored black suit, that is at a great price, then take a look at the Men’s Armani Colleziani Plain Suit. The jacket also has a medium width lapel, a two-button closure, and the clean look of slit style pockets. The trousers have a zip fly, four functional pockets, and a hem that can be tailored to the length that you need. This Georgio Armani suit, formerly listed for 654.99 Euros, is currently listed for 392.99 Euros. It is a great classic black suit, at an even more outstanding price.

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