Men’s Fashion Advice: Essential Accessories – Wallets For Men

A wallet is something which isn’t seem as a priority by most guys, why? Simply due to the fact that the obvious focus remains on “what’s on show.” Now unless you’re extremely tight when it comes to buying drinks, a wallet is one of the most used accessories for men. So a decent wallet is something you should be drawing your attention towards, and today we’re going to be looking at some of the most popular styles currently. You want to look for something with good storage, a unique design, excellent stitching and overall functionality of the wallet. You can use a wallet to really display a slice of your personality, and a quirky designed wallet can be used as great conversation starters.

So what are the styles you should be looking at? Tri-fold and Bi-fold Wallets are the most popular folds, and come in a variety different styles. : A Tri-fold wallet is a wallet with two folds, in which credit cards are generally stored vertically. A Bi-fold is a type of wallet in which the banknotes are folded over once. This has become the “standard” wallet. Credit cards and identification cards may be stored horizontally or vertically. On the market currently are a variety of leather wallets for men, cloth wallets, and quirky wallets like duct tape wallets plus more. Remember focus on the functionality of the wallet along with the design.

Here’s a video showcasing some Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold wallets.

The other options are Credit Card Holders. These are going to become extremely popular and in my eyes take over the traditional wallet. As the use of electronic processing increases, so does the demand for credit card holders. The obvious advantage is the size, and the fact they’re not going to give that stuffed effect to your pockets.

So pay more attention to the wallet you own or the wallet you’re looking to buy. Whether you’re leaning towards leather wallets, cloth wallets, cardholders or duct tape wallets remember to focus on functionality and design.

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  1. Nice work. The big issue for me is making sure that you kind it easy. Don’t get a black wallet if you can help it as they are hard to spot. Especially in the dark. haha
    Jesper Lou