Men’s Fashion Advice – Choosing the Right Hangers For Your Closet

In the world of hangers”, there are many different choices. When thinking about hangers for your closet, there are two things that drive the choice: personal preference and function. There are specific hangers that are designated for certain clothing like coat hangers, suit hangers, shirt hangers, trouser hangers, and tie hangers. Some people prefer a unified set of hangers to make their closet look organized and some just have a “mish-mash” of plastic, wire, and wood.

The first coat hanger was a wire hanger. The word is that it was invented by a man name Albert J. Parkhouse, who worked at the Timberlake Wire and Novelty Company in Jackson Michigan. In 1903, the other employees had the complaint that there was not enough coat hooks when they came into work. Since then, “Hangers” have morphed into the endless collection that we see today.

The metal hanger, regularly available in bulk at wholesale clothing racks sites, serves its purpose of being able to keep clothing off the floor, but it tends to bend easily under the weight of heavier clothing items. They do make commercial style wire hangers like you will find in some department stores, but they are much pricier. Most people end up with a closet full of these from their local dry cleaner.

In the plastic hanger category, there are several kinds. The hard plastic ones have a pivoting hook and notches for keeping the clothes in place and are most popular in clothing stores. However, they tend to take up a lot of room in a closet and snap under pressure. Their soft plastic counterparts are a little more flexible. You can get a bundle of 25 of either kind for under $25.

Having a uniform closet that looks organized can be accomplished by any type of hanger, but it is best accomplished by all wooden or slim-line hangers. The wooden ones come in oak, walnut, cedar, bamboo, and painted colors. They are great looking, but require a lot of closet space. The slim-line are uniform also, but will allow more clothes for hanging, as well as a non-slip grip.

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