Men’s Fashion Advice: Autumn Transitional Trends

It might still be summer but the fashion world is now directing its gaze firmly towards the new autumn/winter collections. And let’s face it, Britain is not the place to enjoy sporting short sleeves, sandals and swimming trunks. So as we move into autumn, what are the key trends to take you between the seasons and where can they be sourced?

The blazer has been reinvented for autumn and winter this year. On the catwalks, tweed has been an important fabric in many menswear collections but if you are not quite ready to embrace the full on geek-chic look there are plenty of other designs to try. A classic dark grey pinstripe offering won’t go wrong. Or for an edgier look try a two tone variety, with body and sleeves in alternating colours. There are plenty of great blazers available on the high street ahead of the new season. For some of the most affordable, take a look at, which now offers an online shopping service.

Feeling the cold? A great way to add a touch more warmth to your jacket and shirt is with an oversized knit scarf. Gone are the slim line scarves ruling winter menswear in the past. In are the new, super-sized variety, adding more texture and, thankfully, greater protection against the cold. The trick here is to keep your colours neutral and subdued. Tone your scarf in with your outfit. Let the texture and the shape make the statement. Bold brights are likely to be overkill.

Colours for the coming season were largely restricted to a stone and neutral palate, plenty of uniform green and a healthy dose of stormy dark grey. For those who crave a colour injection, burnt umber orange proved popular, but avoid the neon parkas and indulge sparingly.

In terms of accessories, this season is all about being creative. Heavy style boots teamed with skinny jeans and slim fit suit trousers, driving gloves paired with vintage look tweed jackets, heavy cable knits draped over classic tailoring – adding an edge to your look is all about the small, finishing touches this year.

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