Men’s Fashion Advice – 5 Must Have Sunglasses For Late Summer

What’s a great fashion accessory you can’t leave home without?That’s right! Your good old sunglasses. And not only are they required wear (to protect your eyes), but they are great fashion statements.

There are definitely some trends we can’t get enough of: we see them on street style blogs, we spot them on celebrities and we want them in our closets. Check out for some great looks. Here are our top five picks for this season, as seen on the most popular guys now:


1. Comme des Garcons Super sunglasses, as seen on Justin Bieber. This guy is all about the latest trends. As a young singer himself, he likes promoting young brands. The Comme des Garcons sunglasses, although following classic Wayfarer style, are bigger and with a wider frame, which makes them so fashionable.

2. Ray Ban Wayfarers, as seen on Robert Pattinson. Rob is just one of the many famous guys wearing these along the years. Tom Cruise has forever been associated with these frameswearing the Wayfarers in Risky Business, which are still trendy decades later. Other Ray Ban classics, such as Clubmaster or Aviator, are seen on many celebs these days.

3. Persol folding sunglasses, as seen on Alexander Skarsgård. Alex is a big fan of all Persol eyewear, and it’s no wonder he picked this folding number: they’re easier to carry around and so light! And a big plus for the mirror lenses – the hit of the moment.

4. Tom Ford aviators, as seen on Brad Pitt. The actor hasn’t always made the best sartorial choices, but he’s on a good path. Lately, he’s been rocking these aviator sunglasses, which stand out because of the bridge details. Perfect for the red carpet!

5. Oliver Peoples Daddy B sunglasses, as seen on ZacEfron. Zac has worn these on a number of occasions, and the 70s inspired retro style suits him. The brown congowood frames feature a keyhole bridge and they’re ideal for modern menswear.

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