Men’s Fall Fashion Advice – 5 common men’s fashion mistakes

Who would want to be all decked during the season that stretches from summer to the fall? Sure no one deserves that but this sure doesn’t give you any reason to drop your sense of style and pick up just anything that you feel like.

Be discriminating in your taste at all times! It is so easy to spot out men making common fashion mistakes during this time that it just became to irresistible to not write an article about it.

Check out the common fashion mistakes made by men to know if you’re also guilty of this by any chance, and if yes then you probably can now point out the reason why that hot babe just gave a cold shoulder to all your advances at the beach, the other day:

  1. Cargo Shorts – Sure, it’s hot and you feel comfortable in broad and baggy Cargo shorts. They can carry all that you have. But they sag and they are so old, almost 2 decades old. Instead try out the silhouette shorts that are as slim as your jeans and have a range of patterns, like plain old khaki, from which you can choose. Also, they have a straight hip to hem line, which ends above the knees and make you look slim. Also, these have no sagging pockets. Still if you’re too keen to stick to cargo shorts, you can go for these Molecule Sizeups Cargo Shorts, which are comfortable like your old cargos but are not at all baggy and give you a great slim look in khaki pattern.
  2. Flip Flops – Obviously, you want your feet to breathe and so you wear flip-flops. But aren’t you taking casual too far by wearing them everywhere? They are okay for a day on the beach or for your backyard barbeque. For other outings, get simple sandals that have leather straps, crisscrossing your feet. They hug your feet and yet let them breathe. Avoid the fabric straps and stick to leather straps only.
  3. Broad Billowy Swimming Shorts – One of the most common fashion mistakes is the broad billowy shorts that so many men wear. These shorts, which are more than knee length, are comfortable but are so shapeless that they look like swimming skirts. Choose clothes that flatter your body and are also comfortable instead of giving your taste in clothes a vacation. Wear low waist and slim shorts that end a good two inches above your knee. Going to the beach is no reason to wear drab clothes.
  4. Wraparound Shades – No one likes the blinding summer heat and it is critical to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. But don’t reach for the closest wraparound sunshades and instead see what the current year’s fashion gurus have to say. Aviators are the best things when you are not indulging in a sport. Choose frames that look good on you and be style-savvy. Take the time to try out the shades before you buy them, so that you wear what suits you.
  5. Strong Fragrances – Don’t wear those heavy colognes to beat the summer heat. Get light citrusy fragrances with a hint of grass and the open air. Anything else will be nauseating in this heat.

Summer is the time when you wear only the essentials and shed everything else. Be minimalistic but don’t make unpardonable fashion mistakes. Wear only that which suits you. Whether it is shorts, fragrances, sandals, socks or shades, make sure that they are right for you. Be discriminating in your taste, as you are throughout the year, and you will do just fine.

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