Men’s Designer Trends – Menswear Far-Out Looks For 2014

When it comes to popular fashion trends for an up-coming season, people look to design inspirations on the runway. However, not every couture, artistic interpretation of fashion translates well into everyday wear.

Sibling fishnet for 2014

While I was browsing through some menswear designer interpretations for Spring/Summer 2014, I found a few designer outfits that may not quite catch on. First up is this fishnet number by Sibling. Even though handmade-looking items that contain crochet and knit may be hot for 2014, I just don’t see this pink, fishnet jog suit going over very big. The basic idea of the style may be breezy during the hot summer months, but this guy looks like they covered him in Silly String before dropping him on the runway. I think it’s safe to say no addition, whether it be a black trench coat made of leather or a a pre-owned Rolex Watch with a classy-yet-colorful face could save this mess!

Astrid Anderson for 2014 lace

Next, is a design by Astrid Anderson, which takes the returning trend of lace to a whole new level. This footless, white lace body suit would make a great set of sheers for the living room or tablecloth for the boudoir, but definitely not a summer outfit for a man.

Alexander Mcqueen buttterfly suit 2014

Another trend for Spring/Summer 2014 that I don’t see catching on in the world of menswear is from Alexander McQueen. There is nothing wrong with nature inspired fashion, but his double-breasted, multi-colored butterfly men’s suit is a little too much. It may be the perfect pattern for bathroom wallpaper, but not a great theme for a men’s suit. Also, adding in the Mary-Jane style shoes is just aggravating the subject.

Walter Van Beirendonck lilac embr suit 2014

Last, but not least, is a bold outfit by Walter Van Beirendonck. His lilac, embroidered suit jacket and coordinating shorts are a mish-mash of color and pattern that makes your eye want to dart away from the suit, instead of drawing you in. Mixing patterns and color in moderate proportions can be good, but here, the process seems to run a muck. Yuck!

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