Men’s Designer Sweatshirts Advice – Style & Details Make All the Difference

If you ask me, marketing in general has grown exponentially over the past few decades; and the same can be said for the promotional tactics implemented in the fashion world. It used to be that all the fashion advertising never left the hard-plastic canvas we know as the mannequin, which have always been kind of creepy to me. All creepiness aside, now an individual can be hired simply to wear custom sweatshirts, hoodies, or even something as plain as a crewneck, in an effort to directly target a certain demographic. We see this a lot in movies too. For example, have you ever noticed how in every Twilight movie, the Cullens drive a Volvo. Believe you me, that is no coincidence; there is some sort of marketing agreement between the two parties.

second polo sweatshirt

Still, even with the rise of on demand sweatshirts and its obvious link to marketing boom, there are still high quality, no B.S. brands producing orig inal merchandise. One example is the “Polo Denim and Supply Sweatshirt, American Flag Hoodie” that is available at Macy’s. It is a heathered indigo zip-front hoodie, made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The navy cuffs, waistband, and pocket trim help to give the front of the sweatshirt contrast. However, the real designer surprise is when you turn around and on the back is a weathered American flag sprawled across the shoulders. For $98, you have a unique hoodie that you won’t see on every other guy on the street.

hilfiger sweatshirt vintage

Another type of designer sweatshirt that never seems to go completely out of style is the vintage-looking sweatshirt. Tommy Hilfiger makes the “Proctor Full Zip Sweatshirt that is done in the styling of a baseball shirt with the dark navy sleeves, vintage lettering, and yellow body. The half-zip and kangaroo pocket keep the look sporty and easy going. So, if you are a fan of the vintage styling, you can pick this one up at almost a $30 discount at $59.99.

armani jeans pullover hoodie

Listed on the Macy’s website, Armani also has a pullover sweatshirt hoodie that is all about the details. It is the Armani Jeans Pullover Contrast Detail Hoodie that comes in the colors of heather navy and smoke grey. It is a slimmer cut sweatshirt with raglan sleeves and contrast piping around the hood, upper arms, and at the top of the triangular shaped pocket. The unique details by Armani make it look like a t-shirt that is layered over a long sleeve. It is a little pricey at $115, but when you wear this soft cotton hoodie you won’t be just blending into the crowd.

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