Men & Women’s Fashion Advice – Wearing Some Oxfords

As the weather starts to get warmer, the perfect transition shoe is a pair of Oxfords. Comfortable and easy to wear, this goes for both gentlemen and ladies!


Oxfords originated in Scotland and Ireland and were frequently worn by university students. The shoe’s popularity has persisted, making it’s way into the boardroom, paired with fur jackets for women, and even onto the catwalk. You will find Oxfords with endless combinations of details, such as toe caps which can feature brogueing (perforations in the leather), and wingtips (a ‘W’ shaped toe cap that looks like a bird in flight). There are with many styles available, from the traditional to the outrageous.


For a formal look that works with a suit, go with a classic black or brown shoe in patent leather. Suede is more casual, and appropriate for weekends. Both kinds will easily take you from day to night. You can incorporate pops of color by purchasing Oxfords with primary-colored soles or laces.


If you’re aiming for something trendier, cutouts like the ones pictured by Dolce Vita are extremely popular at the moment. Go crazy with tie-dye by Miista Zoe, or do sweet and proper with a low heel by Jeffrey Campbell.

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