Lesson #97: Vests and you

Wearing a vest is always a bold statement. But different vests convey different messages…
ROAR Justice Vest
INFEASIBLE: Vests with printed designs
I look at this vest from ROAR and I think “hypercommercialized punk”. Unless you’re trying to imitate or mock Billie Joe Armstrong (I pray it’s the latter), this vest will make you look downright laughable. Vests marred with decals, even vests with stripes larger than pins, are on par with those stupid, faux-counterculture Affliction blazers. Pass on stuff like this, gents.

Volcom Stone Suit Gray Vest

Feasible: Simple yet sharp vests

Volcom wins again with this sharp silvery vest. True, the vest does feature the logo, but it’s near the edge and has been embroidered versus printed. That and the interior is hella snazzy, so you could easily rock it unbuttoned and with a solid collared shirt to give people a hint of your independence. As always, <3 volcom.

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2 Responses to Lesson #97: Vests and you

  1. Evichen says:

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  2. Graham I. Haynes says:

    I agree with this completely. As soon as I see graphics printed on dress clothes (in general) I get turned off. They spell "douche" basically. Thanks for spreading the word!

    ☮ from suckmysavvy.com

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