Lesson #76: More about on polo shirts

INFEASIBLE: Cashmere for the sake of cashmere polos

Gray Etro Knit Polo
(From Neiman Marcus)

Why is this shirt cashmere? It’s dull-colored, weirdly cut on the sleeves, has too many buttons…in fact, why the hell would anyone buy a polo made of cashmere to begin with? It won’t keep you warm for damn sure. And, pray tell, why is it listed as $400?! This piece just confuses the hell out of me.

Friends, cashmere is undoubtedly a marvelous, versatile material. But just because something is made out of cashmere, it doesn’t warrant an “Oh my God, I need it!” response. Would you buy cashmere underwear? In other words, don’t buy something with being cashmere as it’s sole selling point.

Feasible: Well-made, colorful cotton polos

Ionian Short Sleeved Stripe Polo
(Brought to you by Context)

This is a great fucking shirt. I love the subtle horizontal stripes, the boldness of the blue, how the sleeves only hug the arms a little bit at the ends…and today it’s only $100. Now I agree: it’s easier for a product to be shoddy when it’s cotton than if it’s cashmere…but this piece is clearly put together very well.

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