Lesson 118: Colors on your polos

Polos are pretty tricky, I’d say. You wear them with the wrong sized shorts, you look like a silly tennis player. Wear them with the wrong type of pants, you could end up looking like a yuppie. We’ve talked about polos at length before, but let’s broaden the topic to colors and talk options.

Lacoste Rainbow Stripe Single Polo Shirt
INFEASIBLE: Rainbow stripes on polos
It should be obvious that a rainbow, even when subdued like the one on this Ralph Lauren, is a big no-go for this type of shirt (or any really). Polos are a fairly casual and unremarkable garb and so aren’t the best canvasses for experimentation in funky colors combinations. I simply don’t know what will match the commotion besides maybe a clown nose.

Henri Lloyd Byron Polo
Feasible: Solid blue polos
Now, I’ve always been a fan of Henri Lloyd jackets, but I can’t say I’ve ever checked out their polos. Well, clearly from this example, they got the right idea in mind. The chosen blue is deep and unassuming and the white trims/ collar action are subtle and tasteful. Even the logo manages to be integrated into the piece. You can match this with all kinds of pants – linen, denim, etc. Bravo!

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  1. I personally don't like polos, but this is some great analysis on the shirt itself. I personally think you need a great body to pull off a polo. Without one, it's easy to see everything going wrong. The stripes only add to the issue, which you pointed out perfectly.

    I like the blue polo. You may never catch me in one (it's a mental thing), but I like the idea of this take on the polo. It's got a nice throwback feel to it.

    The Gingham Cowboy

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