Lesson 115: Color and Jackets

Just because we’re now in the season of 5:00pm sunsets and frosty windshields doesn’t mean we have to wear drab clothes. When it comes to outerwear, especially jackets, some colors work crisply while others are like a gust of blizzard air against favorable tastes.

Country® 4 Color Active Jacket-B/T
INFEASIBLE: Orange active jackets
Orange is very rarely a fashionable color. There I said it. Of course, I understand how orange can matter for clothes, such is the case for construction workers and other dutiful public servants who wear orange vests to increase their visibility in the winterly dark. But you’re probably not one of those gents and, better yet, you don’t want to be confused as being on the job when you’re out jogging. Hey, it could happen if you wear this Country jacket or something else as peachy. FYI.
Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket
Feasible: Jackets made with truly reflective fabric
So you know now that you don’t want your warm yet sporty jacket to be a loud color like orange. What now? Luckily, companies like Stone Island jackets fill the hole in the market for style-minded December active folk. The light padded interior will keep you toasty and the cool, reflective blue shade will get you noticed in the best way. Also, pockets galore on this Stone Island, without succumbing to the overburdened look. Holla!
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  1. Saeed Khattak says:

    Do you wanna look good and attractive. Then have a look over these jackets and their color schemes as well.
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