Lesson 114: Cashmere coats

Yeah, summer’s over – sucks, I know – so it’s about time you start thinking about scarves and the like, but not before you figure out your coat situation. Now, like I’ve said before, just because you’re wearing something made of cashmere, doesn’t mean you’re looking dapper – quite to the contrary in some cases. Let’s talk a little bit more about cashmere coats and figure out what works.


INFEASIBLE: Confusingly short cashmere coats

This piece makes me scratch my head. Is it a cardigan? Is it a light, summertime jacket? Why is cashmere then? And what’s with the HUGE buttons? Color me confused…and therefore unamused.
allergi coat
Allegri Rain cashmere coat
Feasible: Long and functional cashmere coats
No problem understanding and appreciating what’s going on with this Allegri. Long, comfy, and elegant, this is the type of thing you need to brave the cold wind gusts characteristic of the coming months. That and this piece somehow manages to be water-resistant – what can’t science do these days? Design a experiment which results in Kanye West looking respectable, that’s what.

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