Lesson #113: Summer shorts

For menswear.

Shorts are a staple piece in a summertime wardrobe – and that’s a good thing for those of us with sweaty legs. Though thoroughly casual, shorts still have the potential to make or break your ensemble for park or beach excursions.

Nike Crested Plaid Men’s Shorts
INFEASIBLE: Plaid shorts 
Regardless of the colors involved, plaid is a difficult to work with on upper garments – let alone pants. I can’t think of what one would wear to match any checkered design below the waist, besides something so boring as a white polo shirt. Frankly, this particular pair makes me think of the henchmen uniforms from some bad space opera, so no dice.

Vineyard Vines Men`s Seersucker Club Shorts
Feasible: Seersucker shorts
Like I said earlier in “Seersucker and You”, seersucker is a great cloth to don during the summertime. Better yet, I bet you can instantly imagine how the example above would match a whole spectrum of flowery or seasonally colored shirts. They’re also comfy as what.
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