Lesson #109: It’s practically summer, so where are you sandals?

Sandals are OH SO NICE in summer weather. But don’t think you can get away with wearing any pair of flip-flops because, yes, even your uber-casual footwear sends people a message.
Columbia Reel Deal Sandal

INFEASIBLE: Sandals with straps, hinges, etc.
Sandals serve a very specific function: provide minimal foot protection with comfort and ease. You should be able to kick off your flip-flops at a moment’s notice but still traverse the beaches without worrying about burning yourself. That’s why I don’t get this pair of Columbia with its many extraneous additions. Who needs a molded cage and a nylon shank for their sandals? Do people really think to do EXTREME things – rock climbing, break dancing, etc. – in their sandals? I wager not, and I also bet people will think you look damn silly in them.
Nike ‘6.0 Solarsoft’ Sandal

Feasible: Simple yet stylish flip-flops
These Nike’s fulfill their purpose and do so in style. They’re supportive without being overbearing and none too plain, not to mention cheap ($20 as of 5/2/10). I think I might pick up a pair for myself. Summertime, booya.

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  1. Though I can't say I've gone kayaking, I've heard that paddling shoes are much better options than augmented sandals.

  2. You must live in a big city…you would need the infeasable ones if you were going kayaking…which we do lots of in the Pacific Northwest…not the most "fashionable" but the most functionable.