Lesson #106: Watchbands matter

A watch can be a useful yet striking addition to your ensemble. But did you know that a watch’s strap can make or break the deal? Read on, and learn something about the sartorial art of watch-banding…

Colored Stitched Silicon Rubber Diver Strap

INFEASIBLE: Rubber bands

Nothing screams “I’m a cheap bastard” like something conspicuously fastened to your wrist with rubber. Seriously, would you display a masterpiece in a Target frame, or hang a chandelier with shoe string? No matter who made the watch or how many hours it took him/her, it might as well be a cereal box prize if you strap it down with low cost polymer like this.

Genuine Matte Alligator Padded Breitling® Style

Feasible: Bands made from the hinds of exotic creatures

Call me cruel, but what can I say: God clearly created alligators and crocodiles to not only serve as vicious checks on fast-multiplying swamp life, but also provide awesome-ass material for fashioning accessories. This blue-dyed alligator band is richly textured and an obvious luxury, making it the perfect compliment to that thousand-dollar timepiece dropped on you for your graduation/wedding/promotion/plea agreement/etc. Yes, the band is as expensive as lower-priced watch, but you can’t find quality and well-treated alligator products for much less…unless you plan on hunting the Everglades yourself.

Gents, remember to check out our contest for a men’s wedding band!!

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