How to dress the tall man

The primary goal one should have in mind when dressing the bigger, taller more proud man is highlighting the features which make him who he is.  Emphasizing the arms, legs and facial features isn’t that difficult if you’re experienced with your boyfriend or husband.  For those with neither, we offer these thoughts when dressing taller men in your lives.


What ‘suits’ them best?

Professional men shopping for big and tall men’s clothing should always choose checkered suits since they’re perfect for accentuating the height and broadness of the taller one.  Lighter shades tend to do taller men more justice than greys or blacks, while the shorter yet rounder man should concentrate on the opposite effect.

Anynon-matching suit in twill or tweed works perfectly when attempting to cut the vertical lines of the taller man’s silhouette, which is a plausible statement if you’ve ever seen NBA players make public appearances.  When choosing neckties, the general consensus will tell you to choose longer neckties if you’re over 6’3” tall, although what look is actually more your ‘thing’ takes practice and second opinions.

Boot cut works with everyone

Honestly, big and tall or short and round men cannot fail with boot cut jeans because they offer that sexy look without constricting those ‘sensitive’ areas.  Yes, with the perfect dress shirt and some Levi’s or Carhartt boot cut jeans, dressing well as a tall man or a shorter one, has never been easier with the options available today. Just make sure that you’re not dragging the ground or ‘wading’, as they say, because that throws your outward appearance into total discord.

For thinner individuals, make sure you concentrate on adding contour around the bottom as this will create the presence of just enough weight without making your rear feel uncomfortable.  Relaxed fit jeans with tennis shoes isn’t a totally bad look, although you’d be better off going for something that truly defines your features – like a slim fit perhaps.

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t required by fashion police mandates to wear boots with boot cut jeans, although the shorter men may find that boots make their frames taller and could add leg contouring, too.  Always try to wear loafers with shorts during summer months and with khakis when possible.

Is dressing taller men too challenging?

Although some dressing tips may be too challenging to do without help, there are plenty that can be done with what you have in your home and with just a few spare minutes a day.  For one, are your pants just a little too short? You can turn them into shorts and save on buying extra clothes.  Not sure which shirts would go with certain jeans or khakis? Simply try several color combinations to get a general feel for what you’ll potentially look like.

There are many wardrobe tips for tall guys around the internet, so simply read and try them at home before going to purchase clothes alone. Additionally, you may entertain dragging your girlfriend, best female friend or mom into the mix and get feminine opinions.

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