From a CE-related Instant Message: White pants and underwear

santi: anyways white pants are always good to have *
santi: but you cant wear undrepants with them
santi: am i right?
dracon: Depends on how white they are, the tightness, what fabric was used, etc – but generally yeah
santi: so what then, you just go commando? doesnt your junk show?
dracon: Not unless they’re something John Travolta would wear in Saturday Night Fever.
santi: they might be
dracon: Then wear hanes.
santi: i dont own any of that
dracon: Briefs?
dracon: Go steal one from your gay roommate.
santi: hah
santi: he does wear those
dracon: Of course he does.

* – White pants are generally a good idea for tall guys, but not so much for the rest of us.

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